Sports talk with those who don’t know Sports !!

Have you ever had a Sports Conversation with someone who didn’t know the Sport?

Tell me your story.  🙂  Scroll down to Leave a Reply.

Let's Talk Sports
Let’s Talk Sports

NeJae ~


11 thoughts on “Sports talk with those who don’t know Sports !!

  1. During Ohio State Bucks championship game this year a friend told me, “I don’t think they will win but I’ll wear green to support your team.” I was puzzled then I told her, “ummm… that’s Ohio University’s colors not The Ohio State University. So I’ll be wearing Scarlet and grey.” Crickets followed….

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  2. I’m usually that person! It seems like there is always some sort of game on when I go out to bars and restaurants. I look at the screen out of curiosity and someone always catches me and makes some conversational comment about the game and I do try, but it’s only a word in before the other person looks at me and switches the subject LOL

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  3. This past weekend was the Kentucky Derby and the big boxing match. I was discussing the horse races at the Derby and someone says “Don’t the horses usually go 12 rounds?” I told them boxing can go up to 12 rounds, but horses only go one round or less. LOL!


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